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Saturday May 16 2015
The Oregon Garden - SHOW HOURS: 10 AM - 4 PM

The second annual MUST SEE OREGON will be back again at the beautiful OREGON GARDEN on May 16, 2015.
Sponsorship opportunities
and exhibit booth spaces are now available.

Discounted Admission at the OREGON GARDEN for MUST SEE OREGON too!



At the Expo Hall

  • Oregon tourism on display showcasing over 40 Oregon destinations and attractions
  • Updated Exhibitors list coming soon!

Special Speakers, Authors and Guests

  • See the 2014 Event Schedule
  • Updated 2015 Event Schedule coming soon!


Lots more!

  • More details will be provided soon... stay tuned!


*Proceeds from MUST SEE OREGON will benefit SMART and SKEF. A $2.00 donation is appreciated.

Select the collage below to see the
2014 MUST SEE OREGON Photo Album!

Must See Oregon Collage


What better time to bring to the forefront all of our incredible Oregon destinations and attractions. Staying in Oregon for your vacation is not only rich with options but is also economical AND keeps our $ local. This showcase will provide opportunities for you and your family to come to The Oregon Garden and discover the vast array of options for travel, excursions, extended vacations, etc. within our state.

Who should join us at MUST SEE OREGON?

  1. Families seeking creative ideas for budget friendly Oregon vacations or day trips that are within driving distance from their homes.
  2. Retired Baby Boomers who are budget conscious and yet have the time and flexibility for Oregon Travel.
  3. Youth and Adults who are active and seeking outdoor activities and Oregon adventures.
  4. Organizations or Businesses seeking creative options for retreat or team building event locations.
  5. Busy professionals who may not have the time for lengthy long distance vacations but are looking to discover new ideas for quick Oregon weekend getaways.
  6. Educators and their families who typically have summer months for vacation travel and kid-friendly vacations.
  7. Avid geocachers or those interested in learning about geocaching Oregon.
  8. In other words, you should plan to attend!



For more information regarding MUST SEE OREGON contact Susan Adkins at: